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Financial and Business Training for Owners and Managers
C.A., C.G.A., Economic Development Officer or Consultant
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Are you an expert in the area of finance and are you looking for additional, practical tools for advising business owners?
Are you an expert in an area other than finance and wish to improve your knowledge in finance?
Are you looking to expand the services you offer and increase your billable hours?

Our answer

Participate in our program Managing and Financing Independent Business – what all business owners should know in the area of finance – practical tools for professionals.

This seminar reviews the financial challenges of most businesses from the perspective of the business owner. Built in seven modules, it offers an interesting methodology in seven steps to analyse financial statements or proposals for funding. It also offers insight into a way of communicating financial information to business owners and managers that is effective and builds trust between the two parties.

Approximately 10 years ago it was adapted to meet the needs of account managers, economic development officers and other professionals in the area of finance. Skills learned depend on the experience of the participants:

  1. Certain participants take the program to acquire tools and improve their skills in the area of financial analysis;
  2. Others acquire tools and develop skills in the area of client follow-up;
  3. Again for others, their interest is our method of communicating financial information to potential clients. Many state our tools have helped them better understand their client's needs. This allowed them to expand the services they offer them and increase their billable hours.

Depending on the needs, our sessions are one or two days in length or in conference format.

For whom?

This program is of interest to those who have a good experience in finance as well as to those who have less experience in finance. Certainly we recommend it to all professionals in the area of economic and community development, all members of a credit committee or other professionals who deal with business owners and managers on a regular basis.

Our experience

This program has a proven track record.

For ten years now, it has been offered with much success to hundreds of community and economic development officers in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Manitoba and Western Canada. It has also been given to bank employees and account managers of the CIBC Bank, Investissement Québec and la Fédération des caisses Desjardins acadiennes. Finally, this program is well recognized as continuous education for C.A. and C.G.A.’s in many provinces across Canada. In this later case, what is of interest to them is the method we use to communicate the financial information to business owners and managers.

Some comments by economic development officers who have taken the program:

This is an excellent seminar, the best I have attended in financial analysis.

Great session. Useful even for the experienced financial analyst.

This was my first exposure to financial analysis. Found it cuts thru the crap and gives something useful without 4 years of business school!

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