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Financial and Business Training for Owners and Managers

Managing and Financing Independent Business
What all business owners and managers should know in the area of finance

Our Workshop:

  • 15 hours of interactive training for business owners and managers
  • Content : using case studies, humor, and a wealth of examples, we review the financial tools and action steps required to understand the financial challenges of most businesses. Built in seven modules, it reviews the seven common causes leading to financial difficulty - what all business owners and managers should know in the area of finance (not their experts). Among other, during the program, we discuss :

Financial Statements :

  • What information do they contain?
  • What information what might be useful to you, the owner or manager?
  • How can you turn your financial statements into powerful management tools, one that pinpoint key areas that may need your attention?
  • What is the purpose and use for ratios?
  • What ratios are financial institutions interested in and why?

    For example, why a debt equity ratio of 3 to 1 and
    not 4 to 1 or 5 to 1 or even 2 to 1?

  • What ratios should you be following on a regular basis?
  • What four things should you be monitoring when you receive your financial statements?
  • What financial information if anything should you be communicating to your employees?
    • In summary:
      - Gain your «PHD» in finance: discover Ratios and the use of Spreadsheets,
      the Financial Operating Cycle and your Roadmap to success!

The relationship between, price, volume and costs:

  • - Pricing issues, ex:

i. What is the impact of a 10% discount on your next sales contract?
ii. How can you effectively explain that impact to your sales people?
iii. How much more must they sell for you to make the same profit?

  • Cost issues, ex:

i. What is the impact on profits of a cost increase cost (salary increase, rent increase, the purchase of a new piece of equipment)

  • How do you define your most profitable clients?
  • Do you take into account the cost of financing the receivable?

Managing Cash flow:

  • The importance of monitoring cash not only profits;
  • Management decisions that affect cash;
  • What can you do if you are in a cash squeeze;
  • How to predict cash requirements;
  • What four things influence the cash position of your business?

The challenges of growing a business:

  • What is the impact of high growth in sales on the profitability of your business?
  • What is the impact of high growth in sales on the cash flow of your business?
  • What is the impact of high growth in sales on your financial situation and your productivity?
  • How much can you grow next year without compromising the financial health of your business?
  • 50 % of businesses who go bankrupt do so with record sales? They run out of what? Are you the next statistic?


  • How do lending institutions assess businesses, what are they looking for and why?
  • What is the best approach for dealing with financial institutions?

Legal and Fiscal Issues:

  • Are your minute books up to date and well kept?
  • Are there limitations to your corporate structure?
  • Do you have a partnership agreement? Are you protected from all risk?

And what if something happened to you… ?

  • What would happen to your business?
  • How much is your business worth?

A proven program

The program Managing and Financing Independent Business was developed and presented with recognised success to well over 50,000 business owners and managers across North America, Australia and Europe by a group of consultants with an international reputation in the design and delivery of financial programs and services, Business Resources Inc. (BRS), of Seattle Washington. BRS are masters at communicating financial concepts in such a way that they become decision relevant and powerful management tools in the hands of the participants.

M.O.T. Strategy has worked closely with BRS for over ten years. We have adapted the program to our clients needs and have presented it to a large number of companies and organisations including, Hydro Quebec, Petro Canada, Xerox, veterinary hospitals, governmental agencies and hundreds of business owners and managers.

90% of participants rate the program as excellent. They say the notions acquired are enriching and immediately applicable. We would be delighted to have you or your management group attend.
It will be time well spent.

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