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The common denominator of all decision-making is financial knowledge. This fact is never truer than with decisions involving exports.

Are you seeking to conquer the world markets? Are you already there?

Opening new markets is important. Selling abroad is exciting. However, the adventure can result in serious losses if sales take too long to come or certain costs are underestimated.

Avoid a potential risk, plan a little insurance and participate in a program on the financial aspects all business owners and managers should know.

Our answer

Attend our internationally acclaimed program Managing and Financing Independent Business and learn what all business owners and managers should know in the area of finance.

In a few hours owners and managers have in hand a methodology and the tools that are practical, simple and ready to use, and answer the majority of their administrative and strategic needs.

90 % of participants rate the program as excellent. They say notions learned are enriching and immediately applicable.

Why take a chance?

For whom?

The program is of benefit to anyone who is or might be involved in business decisions. We certainly recommend it to all owners of a businesses involved in exporting, to their management group and their advisors.

Our experience

First developed over 20 years ago in the United States, this program is now offered on three continents and in several languages. To date, over 50 000 business owners and managers have attended the program in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. Many appraise it as being the most practical and useful they have ever attended on the subject of financial management.

Should you be less informed than your potential customer? Attend one of our seminars.

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