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Financial and Business Training for Owners and Managers
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A little more

Do you feel you need to know a little more in the area of finance?

Are you frustrated in your relationships with your financial institution?

Do you have financial experts? Are they not responsible for the financial aspect of your business?

Let your financial experts do their job. However, be aware of what you should know in the area of finance as a business owner or manager.

Why? It is :

  • you who sign the sales contracts with your clients;
  • you who hire and fire your employees;
  • you who choose to grow your business.
Our answer
Attend our internationally acclaimed program Managing and financing Independent Business and learn what all business owners and managers should know in the area of finance.

The program
It is a «hands-on», practical two-day seminar that helps participants better understand the financial challenges of most businesses. In a few hours owners and managers have in hand a methodology and the tools that are practical, simple and ready to use, and answer the majority of their administrative and strategic needs.

The content
Built in seven modules, the program discusses how lenders analyse financial statements - what they are looking for in evaluating a loan request, and how you can use that information in a negotiation. We talk about financial statements and how you can turn them into a powerful management tool. We look at what decisions drive the need for funds both working capital and long term debt, how to determine future funding requirements, and what to do if the funds are not available. We look at how much a business can afford to grow and the importance of increased efficiencies on both cash flow and profits. Finally we discuss pricing issues and share a tool that simulates the financial consequences of most business decisions on the profitability of your company.

This seminar is practical, tool oriented, created by business owners for business owners and has a straightforward, plain English approach. And, you don’t need to be an expert in math or finance to make use of the information!

For whom?
The program is of benefit to anyone who is or might be involved in business decisions. We certainly recommend it to all business owners and managers of privately held businesses, to their management group and their advisors.

The seminar is fitting for manufacturing, retail and service businesses as well as professionals.

Our experience
This program has a proven track record.

First developed over 20 years ago in the United States, this program is now offered on three continents and in several languages. To date, over 50 000 business owners and managers have attended the program and many appraise it as being the most practical and useful they have ever attended on the subject of financial management.

Example of testimonials received:

Incredibly useful to the average business owner. You will be inspired to go back, analyse your statements and come up with a game plan.

Excellent!! Practical information with «user-friendly» tools. This pulls it all together with lots of common sense.

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