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Ships are safest in harbour but that is not what they are made for!
Without risk, no return!
What words!

Today's business owners have a choice of financial institutions and are often solicited.
Why would they remain with or choose your organisation?
What differentiates your product and services from other lending institutions?

If pricing or competitive rates are your perceived strategy, it is a dangerous one.

Here below is a strategic option with a proven track record!

Our answer

Chosen by over 100 financial institutions in North America, consider sponsoring an education-based program that speaks to your clients needs and for which they will thank you. Impossible? We have hundreds of testimonials to back our statement.

The workshop is one or two days in length, has 30 to 40 participants: owners and managers of independent businesses or professionals, as well as 4 or 5 representatives of your financial institution. The topic of the workshop: what all owners and managers should know in the area of finance. Tens of thousands of business owners have followed this program and found it to be the most useful and practical they have ever attended on the subject of management. Why? It helps them increase their profitability, better manage growth and improve the overall management of their businesses.

For you, banking institution, what an opportunity!

  • A true «value-added» program for your clients, one that can go straight to their bottom line.
  • More informed clients and therefore less risky, speaking the same language as their loan officers.
  • Financial advisors sharing a common experience with their clients and getting to know and work with them other than on a golf course! Did you know that one of the main requests by business owners in our programs is advice by people who are experts in their field and who will tell them the truth?
  • A wonderful occasion to sell secondary services – finally clients understand the value of what you are offering them.
  • Several additional loans signed: the securing of 30 % of new loans that could have gone to another financial institutions, according to the statistics we have.
  • A self-financed program, paid by the attendees.
For whom?

The program is of benefit to anyone who is or might be involved in business decisions. We certainly recommend it to all business owners and managers of businesses of less than 100 employees, key managers and advisors.

The seminar is fitting for manufacturing, retail and service businesses as well as professionals.

Our experience

This program has a proven track record.

It was developed some 15 years ago by a group of consultants with an international reputation in the design and delivery of financial programs and services, Business Resource Services Inc. (BRS) of Seattle, Washington. They are masters at communicating financial concepts in such a way that they become decision relevant and powerful management tolls in the hands of the participants.

MOT Strategy has had a close association with BRS for over ten years.

Banking institutions and their clients are a main stay of the work we do. U.S. Bank clients include: Bank of America, Amcore Bank, Bank One, The Chase Mahattan and many banking associations including RMA. In Australia BRS works with the Westpac Bank. In Canada we have worked with the CIBC Bank, La fédération des caisses Desjardins acadiennes, Investissement Québec.

Sincere thanks to the Bank for giving our company the opportunity to attend. You are a great credit to Small Business. You have such a down to earth approach. I enjoyed your seminar so very much.
Satisfied Bank Attendee Canada

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