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Financial and Business Training for Owners and Managers
Member of a Professional Order or an Association
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As an owner or manager of a professional practice, every day you make decisions that have a financial impact. Indeed, you:

  • negotiate a contract!
  • hire a new employee, increase salaries!
  • buy a new piece of equipment!

Like many professionals, however, finance is not your area of expertise.

What could your association or professional order do for you?

Our answer

Organize for your group our internationally acclaimed workshop Managing and Financing Independent Business – special session for professionals.

This workshop can be one or two days in length and is aimed at introducing the participants to basic financial concepts – what an owner or manager of a professional practice should know in the area of finance. Our goal is to provide participants with practical tools, simple and ready to use to help them become more efficient in the management of their practices, in particular in the areas of profitability and liquidity.

The content? It may change according to the specific needs of a group or profession. In general however, we look at the content of financial statements and their purpose, the method of analysis of banks and other lending sources - what they are looking for in assessing a loan request, the challenges and limits to growing a business, what drives the need for funds both working capital and long term debt, the importance of increased efficiency on the profitability and liquidity of a business, the Roadmap to improve profits and some pricing issues.

This is a practical session, one designed by business owners for business owners and you don’t need to be an expert in math or finance to understand!

For whom?

The program is of benefit to anyone who is or might be involved in business decisions. We certainly recommend it to all professionals who own a practice, all their partners, key managers and advisors.

Our experience

This program has a proven track record. Adapted to meet the specific needs of an industry or profession, with custom-made, industry specific case studies, the program has been presented with raving reviews for over ten years now to hundreds of veterinarians, dentists and members of professional orders in Quebec and Canada.

Nine out of ten participants rate the program as excellent and say that notions acquired are enriching and directly applicable. Many report an immediate benefit of the program is improved profitability and cash flow for their practices.

  • Excellent motivation to change and improve things.
  • Makes us think and want to spend a little more time on management issues.
  • My only regret is that I attended this program after 20 years in practice!

Ex. of testimonials by participants
Ordre des arpenteurs –géomètres du Québec – Winter 2003

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