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A little more

Are you seeking to do a little more, for ex:

  • Evaluate the performance of your network from a different perspective?
  • Identify the best practices of your top (profit) performers and assess what they do consistently better to achieve higher profits and good liquidity?
  • Share strategies in a true «value-added» program on how your franchisees can improve their profits?…and…
  • Perhaps and why not, increase your revenues as a franchisor!!!

    …or, from another perspective,
  • Do you have difficulty collecting the financial statements from your franchisees?
  • Do you believe your franchisees think you require the financial statements as a check or policing tool?
  • Would you like to improve the communication between you and your franchisees?
Our answer

Welcome to our celebrated program entitled « Profit Mastery » used by more than 50 franchise groups in the United States, Australia and Canada.

The purpose of our program

“If our stores are not making above average profits, then nothing else matters; on the other hand, if franchisee profits are growing, anything and everything is possible.”

a quote from Sid Feltenstein, Chairman of Yorkshire Global Restaurants

The purpose of this program is to assist your franchisees in measuring and managing both profits and cash flow. We also seek to assist you in building a team of Franchise Business Consultants who really become “trusted advisors” in the eyes of the franchisees they serve.

The program
« Profit Mastery » has several components:

  1. Education: provides the foundation
    Through our internationally renowned financial training workshop, Managing and Financing Independent Business, your members leave with a new understanding of their financial picture and the confidence to improve it. Offered to your field consultants or franchise support managers, this program will strengthen their advisory skills.
  2. Benchmark Studies: establishes the yardstick to measure performance.
    Information previously agreed upon is collected and sorted to produce a Group report and Individual Company Consulting Reports for each participant. These reports identify the best practices of the profit leaders and produce a narrative analysis that incorporates the basis of an action plan to improve performance for each of the participants.
  3. Performance Groups: provide the discipline and the continuity.
    An effective follow-up strategy, and often reported as the most liked by participants, are our « Profit Mastery » Performance Groups: owners and managers who meet on a regular basis to share financial, operational and planning information (how they can do better with what they have). Often licensed by franchise groups, and run by the field consultants, these Performance Groups can become part of your network’s standard operating procedures.
For whom?

« Profit Mastery » is of benefit to any franchisor interested in improving the profitability of their franchisees, building a strong and respected brand, and strengthening the advisory skills of their field consultants or franchise support managers. Whether your network is newly forming or established, whether it is small or large, the implementation of the Profit Mastery process whether in part or as a whole will help the franchisor and the franchisee meet their performance and profit goals.

Our experience

This program is a well-recognized one.

Given around the world, this program was developed by a group of consultants with an international reputation in the design and delivery of financial programs and services, Business Resource Services Inc. (BRS) of Seattle, Washington. They are masters at communicating financial concepts in such a way that they become powerful management tools in the hands of the participants.

BRS are members of the Council of Franchise Suppliers and regular speakers at the IFA and CFA in both the United States and in Canada.

M.O.T. Strategy has worked in close association with BRS for over 10 years and has several clients who have experienced the advantages of the « Profit Mastery » program.

Contact us for comments and references by well-known franchise groups in Canada and the U.S.

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